I'm a design advocate and holistic problem solver:
I'm passionate about how humans and software interact

In every engagement, I'm excited to use my experience and breadth of skills to help people and improve projects.

First, a little info about me:

My Experience

  • I'm a designer, artist, animator, writer, and programmer.
  • I co-founded a studio, growing 2 - 50 employees and garnering international success.
  • I've released over 10 games.
  • I managed my own games-focused co-working space.
  • I've helped run guided game jams and I've worked with screen funding bodies.
  • And I've learnt from mistakes made every step of the way!
For further detail:

My Values

  • The user's experience should be everyone's focus from the beginning
    Great design and Product Thinking should be central to any project.
  • Leaders should enable and empower
    Real leaders eat last.
  • Teams should feel invested
    Team success - over individual success - should be the focus. Agile, for example, establishes healthy boundaries between teams and management, provides teams ownership, reinforces discipline, and unifies everyone's focus.
  • I want to teach folks to fish
    I'm drawn to opportunities to workshop problem solving, upskill teams, and share best-practice. It's in my nature to shepherd teams as their projects encounter new challenges.

So, how can I help?

Be it's games, digital entertainment, or more serious applications - I'd love to chat about your project and the challenges it brings!

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